Life for the Party

Israel Akheret's Fresh Vision

The conflict between Israel and the Palestinians "constitutes a strategic and moral liability," the party says. "To end the violence and protect civilians from terror attacks, we advocate a unilateral, physical separation between the two peoples while both sides continue to strive for an equitable political resolution."

"We should withdraw from the territories," added Boaz. "We should do what is good for us. We are tired of Arafat deciding what we do. We should make a fence border until there is a new leadership there that we can talk to about peace."

And, wonder of wonders in this land of litterbugs, they are putting together a real ecology platform that includes mandatory recycling of the zillions of tons of newspaper that get tossed into the garbage every day along with cans and bottles.

Boaz's merry band has a pretty good track record. Before founding the party, they started the "Awakening" movement which battled a proposed law to exempt ultra-religious Hasidim from the military draft.

"We had a 10-day hunger strike and 200,000 people came to sign a petition supporting us," Boaz said. "The law did not pass and now there are Hasidim in special army units."

While in New York, Boaz will be looking for support from students and community leaders.

"Jewish people in the Diaspora should play a part, a real part, in creating a new vision for Israel," he said. "We want a populist government with professionals running the country . . . like in America."

Huh? That's why they need me as foreign minister.

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