Dirty Doings

The Justice Department Is Warning of Dirty Bombs. Freaked Out?


Age 20
Resides Long Island
Occupation Student

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What's a dirty bomb? It can be any kind of explosive device loaded with something radioactive. The focus is on the amount of radioactivity dispersed.
What do you think about stockpiling potassium iodide? I thought hoarding Cipro was ridiculous, and this is a similar thing. My dad used to tell me about being in school during the Cuban Missile Crisis and ducking near their lockers. This is about as effective.
How scared are you of another attack? I'm not especially frightened, but it's certainly a possibility. But worrying accomplishes nothing.


Age 21
Resides Manhattan
Occupation Student

What's a dirty bomb? I don't really know.
What do you think about stockpiling potassium iodide? I heard that people living near nuclear power plants were doing that. I lived near one in Cleveland and even though I was at least a half-hour away, I was nervous. I guess if you choose to live near one, it's not a bad idea to have something on hand. Would I stockpile it? No.
How scared are you of another attack? At first I was afraid. Now they're giving so many advisories that it's an overload. Ironically, you're less afraid the more they warn of something bad. Every once in awhile, my mother will still call and say, "They're going to do this, or this!"

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