Nena Gay
Kirkland, Washington


Nat Hentoff's column on vouchers for schools and the intermingling of church and state was a real eye-opener ["Your Taxes for Church Schools?" June 11]. Who, on this beautiful earth, is qualified to teach creation? No one. In my opinion, some form of philosophy should begin in schools as early as kindergarten. Perhaps by graduation from high school a student might have a true grasp of the scheme of things and the knowledge that there is no answer to the big questions. The student will be free if he or she is taught the correct lessons. Philosophy erases dogmatism and the know-it-all outlook. It puts us in our proper place, a little smarter than the "lower" animals, and permits us to live a fuller, more satisfying existence.

Sylvia Barksdale
Lynnfield, Massachusetts


I run a boxing gym in Washington, D.C. A friend e-mailed me Mark Jacobson's piece on Mike Tyson ["On His Back: Is This the End of Iron Mike?" June 18]. It was the best thing written on Tyson—before or after the fight—that I've read. It was enough to get you to start sending me your weekly update.

Dave White
Downtown Boxing Club
Washington, D.C.


Tricia Romano on Andrew W.K. at Roxy [Fly Life, June 11] sums up the demise and the mentality of the music industry today. I was there and, after viewing this exhibition of trailer park trash at its finest, feel he should change his monogram to W.A.K.

Matt Nuskind
Downtown Boxing Club
Washington, D.C.


One minor correction to J. Hoberman's excellent article on the current spate of war films ["The Art of War," June 25]: The stadium blown up in The Sum of All Fears was Ravens Stadium, not Camden Yards.

Josh Davlin
Baltimore, Maryland

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