My Gay Boyfriend

No one knew exactly what to make of us. People assumed he was gay and I was his fag-hag friend or they'd read us as straight, which freaked us both out.

"Oh, so you're both bisexual," people would conclude.

"No, he's gay and I'm a lesbian." I would usually introduce him as my fag boyfriend, and I could see everyone trying desperately to process that phrase and then respond appropriately. We met a guy at a party once, and after we explained our situation, he was mesmerized.

"Wow, that is so cool," he said. "You're the future!" Apparently we were the very near future, because we took him home that night.

Eventually, we went our separate ways. As a poster girl for polymorphous perversity, I never thought my own assumptions about gay men, gay sex, and gay non-monogamy could be challenged, but having a gay boyfriend did just that.

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