NY Mirror

Who did Jennifer Gatien—Peter's daughter—stay with after she broke up with Cameron Douglas—Michael's son? (His mother, Diandra Douglas, according to my spies.) Who really owns the soon- to-reopen Limelight? (Flatiron Entertainment, co-owned by well-liked club impresario John Blair, who'll run the place—but a Chelsea Clinton News article quotes a community organizer saying, "I think Blair is the puppet king. They gave him 10 percent and call him an owner. It's just spin." Whispers say Spa and Exit owner David Marvisi may be quietly involved, but ex-owner Peter Gatien told me last year that he wasn't negotiating to sell to Marvisi, and Blair has told me he's a front man for no one. Whoever's in charge, just put me on the list!) What will the new Limelight be called? (Empire, reports cable guy Barry Z.)

Who became too busy to go through with a planned appearance at Victor Calderone's Provocateur bash on Gay Pride weekend, canceling two weeks before? (The full-plated Jennifer Lopez.) Who obviously loves gay guys? (Penélope Cruz. She recently put down dough for a place in Chelsea!) Where else can you find the queens? (At John Street, a Friday-night party at a remote drinkhole named Downtown Bar. The bash is done by the old Magnum and XXX promoters, though this time the patrons will probably be either less raunchy or less vocal about it.) What porn star is a nut? (Jeff Palmer, who says he was poz, but stopped taking his medication and is fine now, gleefully receiving cum up every orifice. His secret? "I don't drink coffee, alcohol, Coke, or Sprite. I sleep really good. I stay away from sugar. I drink lots of water. I don't do drugs—and pot is not a drug—and I don't stress myself with fear. My Lord provided me with the guide I asked for.")

What's poor Winona Ryder's first line in her next movie, Simone? (Picking through a rack of clothes, she says, "This, this . . . not this.") What's the saucy secret behind that old-time singer still making the rounds? (Gay—ever heard of it?) Who loves ya?


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