Does this justify different pay scales for men and women? Not necessarily. But it is an important element in the equation.

Lawrence Jeziak, TV Writer
Tennis Week
Rye, New York

Allen St. John replies: Turn on a Borg-McEnroe match on ESPN Classic and see for yourself how much tennis has changed in 20 years—it's Wee Willie Keeler dead-ball baseball compared to a Hack Wilson-style slugfest. Which is why a middle-aged McEnroe couldn't beat Braasch—or Venus. And remember that sports is entertainment—figure skaters make more in four minutes than Iditarod mushers do in 10 days—and the women's two-of-three format is actually better for television scheduling.


There are three factual errors in Krista Garcia's Close-Up column on Sunset Park [June 25]. Margaret Sanger is buried in Fishkill, New York, not in Green-Wood Cemetery. Mae West is buried in Cypress Hills Cemetery in Brooklyn, not in Green-Wood Cemetery. And the highest point in Brooklyn is Battle Hill in Green-Wood Cemetery, not in the park from which the neighborhood takes its name.

Alfred Kohler, Tour Guide
Green-Wood Cemetery


Thank you for Thulani Davis's moving tribute to June Jordan [July 2]. I saw nothing about her death on television or radio, just obituaries in the Los Angeles Times and The New York Times. There were no retrospectives of her career, her impact, her vision. So I will re-read her poems and essays, finally settle down to read her autobiography, and reflect on what I might do to live up to and build upon her legacy.

Sheena M. Carey
Milwaukee, Wisonsin

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