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Readers Respond to Sonic Youth Review

Bret Falk
Oakland, California

I'd hate to think there might be readers who'd be dissuaded from supporting the work Sonic Youth is currently doing because this reviewer can't get her nut from their records now like she used to in high school. Do we really have to argue for the right of musicians to have their work respected when they try to move out of the box an adolescent put them in at age 14?

Chronic youth: old and in the way?
photo: Geffen Records
Chronic youth: old and in the way?

Brian Prager

Many thanks for Amy Phillips's Sonic Youth review. The other day I went out and bought the new CD after reading some fantastic reviews in British music magazines. As with the last five or so SY albums, my disappointment was great. Sonic Youth have become the Toto of art rock—which is pretty sad.

Björn Lindgren
Stockholm, Sweden

In Amy Phillips's review, she makes statements such as "Your appearance on The Simpsons was, like, the highlight of my life" and "you covered John Cage and beat up pianos and shit." I speak that way when I'm being lazy, but usually manage to leave out the "like" and the "and shit" when I write. Maybe an editor could help out with this. Maybe such prose is supposed to sound youthful and vital, but it's really just a pain.

John K. DiPaolo

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