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As for that other act of public therapy, one of the people mowed down by Lizzie Grubman was not impressed by Lizzie's recent sobbing jag. "Why didn't she apologize to me?" she wondered to a friend of mine. But let moi apologize for nearly ruining a cinema secret right now. See, we're not supposed to reveal who does celebrity cameos in the new Austin Powers flick, but I just have to blab that one of them is a superstar who insists he's not gay, but obviously has a sense of humor; in the movie, he kisses a character named Dixie Normous and makes sure to glance down at her crotch first! Erect after last week's special screening, I asked the adorable Seth Green if he has a scatological wit, like marvy Mike Myers (who's becoming the straight Alan Cumming). Seth asked me how I define scatological, so I delightedly found myself saying, "You know, cockie-doodie jokes." He declined to answer, so I'll take that as a maybe, fart-fart. Gee, I don't need help, do I?

Sad ending: After a drug mishap sent her into a coma, angular transsexual Page Reynolds passed away last Saturday. I may not miss her 5 a.m. phone calls, but I'll always miss Page—a true scarlet diva and a real woman.

The impossible profession: Lisa Levy's Psychotherapy live!
photo: Joshua Farley
The impossible profession: Lisa Levy's Psychotherapy live!


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