The Sharpton Chronicles

Reverend Al Sharpton Is Furious About the Airing of a 1983 Drug Sting Videotape. On His Side?

Would you vote for him for president? No. He does a lot of good, but he's too identified with the black community to appeal to all Americans.

What's your opinion of the FBI tape? I think his response is right. I'd be pissed off too, if I were him. He's a flamboyant guy who steps on a lot of toes. There have to be people who want to stop him. The tape's 20 years old and it doesn't show anything. It's not like he's the former mayor of D.C., who was caught smoking crack on tape. That's a sad story.

Princess Angus
Age 18
Resides Brooklyn
Occupation Student

What do you think of Al Sharpton? A lot of the time, I think, "Oh brother, here he goes again." He's a very controversial man who picks issues out of nowhere to fight for. Everything with him is racial. We should be moving forward, trying to get along. He's really too focused on race, even for people of my race. He and Rudy Giuliani kept each other alive battling each other. Without Sharpton, there was no Giuliani, without Giuliani, there was no Sharpton.

Would you vote for him for president? No, because he acts on impulse. He's like George W. Bush in that way. They're impulse people who act first and think later. You want someone who is in control of the United States to think more. Sharpton should not be a politician or a private citizen. He should remain the public's conscience.

What's your opinion of the FBI tape? I agree with him when he says there's something fishy about the tape. Why was it played out of context?

Deep Bisla
Age 33
Resides Manhattan
Occupation Editor

What do you think of Al Sharpton? He's a grandiose voice who fights for two things: himself and his people. The fact that he gets coverage on TV suggests that he's effective in ways that are important in this country. I don't know if he picks the best issues to fight for; Michael Jackson's contract might not have been the best issue.

Would you vote for him for president? Yes, before I'd vote for George W. Bush. Sharpton wouldn't be the first self-aggrandizing politician to live in the White House.

What's your opinion of the FBI tape? I think it was played out of context and it's wrong. I have no problem with him being mad about it. I've seen a lot of white Americans who are as self-aggrandizing as Al Sharpton is, and they're never demonized in the way that black leaders are. Blacks are held to much higher standards.

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