Rather than cruelly detaining foreigners on minor immigration infractions, he should simply welcome any relevant information that people can provide. To date, none of the security measures in place, or use of any of the proposed plans (the Terrorist Information Protection System, use of fingerprinting, corneal photographing, time restrictions on travel by foreign visitors) would have averted 9-11. If he and our government truly wished to stop terror in its tracks, they would stop harassing innocents at home and stop making enemies abroad.

Asma Raza
Chesterfield, Missouri


I agree with Colin Moynihan's claim that Angel Ortiz has been denied proper recognition for his work with Keith Haring ["Keith Haring's Silent Partner," July 30]. I remember the buzz around Lower Manhattan reflecting the sadness at Haring's death, and on several occasions heard mentioned the name Angel Ortiz as friend and collaborator. The law is clear on such matters, and it is evident to me that Ortiz was in a partnership agreement with Haring regarding specific works of art. I hope a judge comes to the same conclusion.

Jennifer Lee
Boca Raton, Florida


Re Tony Green's article "No Jagged Edges" [August 6]: This is one of a handful of music reviews that I've read in the Voice that I actually agree with wholeheartedly. I've said for years that Omar's For Pleasure would be the album I'd most like to have if I were stuck on a desert island. Omar truly picked up the "Soul baton" that was dropped when Teddy Pendergrass and Al Green had to abandon the genre to struggle with the crosses they had to bear.

Soul music is far from neo, people. It's been alive and well across the pond.

Vincent Purdie


In the article "Happy Loving Couples" [July 30] by Joe Gross, the band Hella was incorrectly cited as being from San Diego. They are, in fact, from Sacramento, California.

In the article "Screaming is Free" [July 30], Nick Catucci refers to the band the Locust as "a futuraustic screamo band from Seattle." They are based in San Diego, California.

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