The Fight Club

Log cabin fever: Richard Goldstein
photo: Shulamit
Log cabin fever: Richard Goldstein


The Attack Queers: Liberal Society and the Gay Right
By Richard Goldstein
Verso, 108 pp., $22
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As much as Goldstein and others believe in the corrupting influence of conservative fellow travelers, our current dearth of gay political activism cannot be blamed on Sullivan, Paglia, and the Log Cabin Republicans; it's happened because we have come out in such numbers we often forget how little freedom we really have. We don't know how to react when the murder of a Matthew Shepard or another humiliation at the hands of Albany legislators reminds us that we may be TV stars and characters, but beyond the tube we remain second-class citizens. Such self-destructive inertia will only change when gays of all kinds give up the infighting and figure out which issues we need to address, and do so together. Justice is never a fight one can walk away from. How to make this happen should be the subject of the next important gay book—one those of us worried about the gay future impatiently await.

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