Still in Diapers

As my readers know, I often try things out for the sake of my column (I love my job!), but when confronted with the idea of wearing a diaper in order to really go deep inside this fetish, I was totally resistant. Russ suggested it "as a matter of effective and accurate journalism," but I think he had an agenda of the baby-sitting variety in mind. Then my Voice editor chimed in (flexing her inner dominatrix by telling me to do something I didn't want to): "I think your personal experience would really add something to the piece, Tristan." So, for the sake of adventure, I put one on. In fact, I wrote this entire column while wearing it. The diaper itself was not comforting—it was bulky, made noise when I moved, and was somehow humiliating, even though I was all alone. But there was no one around to inspire me or put me into baby space, so I can't say that I explored allaspects of the fetish. A diaper lover I am not. A potty-trained toddler—well, that's another column.

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Excellent column. You are very fair and do not stigmatize us like everybody else.


As an Adult Baby myself, If you want to enter baby space, try using the diaper, the most comforting thing about wearing a diaper is actually using it. 8 out of 10 AB/DL's use their diapers just to wet in 3 out of 10 will just poop in them, 2 out of 10 will just wear them, 1 out of 10 will do both in them. 

The comfort is from not having to worry about stopping what ever it is you are doing to find a toilet and from the warmth contained by the diaper when you wet or poop in it. If you poop in it since poop is mushy and sometimes slimy it often feels very much like sitting in mud or putting some warm mashed banana in the back of your diaper (also known as diaper stuffing.

The majority of AB's do not wear diapers for sexual reasons, most wear them for emotional and / or psychological reasons. I wear them for the feeling of security I get.

When I was young (3 to 13) I was abused by the so called father and every time he did it I would wet because and often poop my pants out of fear because I knew I was about to get beat up or worse. 

Wearing a diaper I know I am not going to have an accident if I get nervous, stressed out or worried about anything. As for Acting like a baby I don't really do that to often, only when I need to calm down for some reason, and only when I'm trying to go to sleep at night. Hence sleeping with my Teddy bear and Blanki and listening to nursery rhymes, I sometimes sleep in a footed sleeper but only maybe once a month. 

That being said Their are some Adult Babies that play at being a baby 24/7 with Baby sized Furniture and all, they may even include an An adult Baby Mommy or / and Daddy to look after them. But that costs a lot of money.

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