Still in Diapers

As my readers know, I often try things out for the sake of my column (I love my job!), but when confronted with the idea of wearing a diaper in order to really go deep inside this fetish, I was totally resistant. Russ suggested it "as a matter of effective and accurate journalism," but I think he had an agenda of the baby-sitting variety in mind. Then my Voice editor chimed in (flexing her inner dominatrix by telling me to do something I didn't want to): "I think your personal experience would really add something to the piece, Tristan." So, for the sake of adventure, I put one on. In fact, I wrote this entire column while wearing it. The diaper itself was not comforting—it was bulky, made noise when I moved, and was somehow humiliating, even though I was all alone. But there was no one around to inspire me or put me into baby space, so I can't say that I explored all aspects of the fetish. A diaper lover I am not. A potty-trained toddler—well, that's another column.

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