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Reality TV Just Turned Its Lens on Anna Nicole Smith. Titillating Train Wreck?


Age 32
Resides Queens
Occupation Web Developer/publicist

Did you watch Anna Nicole Smith's show?Oh, my goodness! Why'd they play it twice and back-to-back? Once wasn't enough? Understand I'm not a hater, but it was very annoying. She spoke to her son and said things like, "Do you love me more than all the raindrops in the world?" It was all about her ego. She's on all the time. I don't know if it's an act or if it's drugs. She played into so many of the clichés: talking in her whiny, sexy baby voice, getting caught under the table so that her behind was in the air. It can't be about money because she has money.

What's the attraction of reality TV?Its attraction is that you get all these behind-the-scenes looks.

Who would you most like to see a TV show built around? Bill Clinton, and how he's made the transition to a private life. He's so full of life. I'm sure he has stuff going on that I'd want to know about. I don't think his family is dysfunctional, but they must have made some real compromises and sacrifices and that makes it real.


Age 35
Resides Manhattan
Occupation Company manager

Did you watch Anna Nicole Smith's show? No. I avoid reality television like the plague.

What's the attraction of reality TV? It's a reflection of the intelligence of the American people. It's a little voyeurism and maybe people want a mind-numbing experience.

Who would you most like to see a TV show built around?George W. Bush or Dick Cheney. I just want to see how stupid George Bush is. He's got to be the stupidest idiot in the world. Al Gore's a brilliant guy who lost because he couldn't shut up. If he runs again, he's going to have to learn the art of the sound bite. The American people just want to hear nothing. That's what George Bush gave them in the year leading up to the election. Dick Cheney's not stupid, he's just evil.


Age 25
Resides Brooklyn
Occupation Film student

Did you watch Anna Nicole Smith's show?No, I've never even heard of it.

What's the attraction of reality TV? Certain people who don't watch regular television watch reality TV. I know people who go by the code "Kill Your TV" and they watch reality TV because it's closer to real life. I sometimes watch The Osbournes or The Real World, if there's a good conflict going on.

Who would you most like to see a TV show built around?George W. Bush. I'd like to see him losing his cool or yelling at his kids. Or Madonna. I'd like to see what her daily routine is like. Maybe I'd like to see the two of them engaged in a weekly card game.


Age 31
Resides New Jersey
Occupation Marketing

Did you watch Anna Nicole Smith's show? No, I was one of the few people who didn't. I heard it got a mixed response. Mostly, what drugs was she taking?

What's the attraction of reality TV? People want to see what other people's outlooks are. When they watch it they want to see what they have in common, but they also want to be able to say to themselves, "At least my problems aren't that bad."

Who would you most like to see a TV show built around?Oprah Winfrey. I am fascinated by her. She preaches all about living your best life and she makes it all look so effortless. What does that really look like?


Age 28
Resides Manhattan
Occupation Photographer

Did you watch Anna Nicole Smith's show?I didn't see the show but I saw the trailers. She's really the one I'd like to take a seminar from, because she has no ethics or standards. It's all about chasing the buck. She's right on target for America. I've never been able to live like that. At least with the Osbournes you get the feeling that there may not be a lot of parental authority, but there's a lot of love. Also a lot of reverse psychology. They don't restrain their kids and the result is that they're less inclined to do drugs and run wild.

What's the attraction of reality TV? People like to sit and watch conflict and drama in the comfort of their own homes. They don't have to go out and be adventurous. They know there's a price to pay for living life outside the box.

Who would you most like to see a TV show built around?Actually, I'd like to see a woman in Spanish Harlem, someone trying to raise her kids while getting off Social Services. Real reality television. I'd watch real people making an effort, applying all that self-help stuff they tell you to practice, and then failing. That's real life, not real TV.


Age 27
Resides Manhattan
Occupation Graphic designer

Did you watch Anna Nicole Smith's show?Yes, it was a train wreck. It was awful. E! was trying to top the Osbournes and I guess they succeeded. I felt so bad for her. She obviously has some serious problems and she decided to bare her issues on television. I couldn't even finish watching it, and I'm someone who likes reality TV.

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