What a Drag!

Gay Club Kids Survive the Dance Police

Grover, a 20-year-old Throb patron and performance artist, says that despite the age barrier, dyke clubs are usually more lax about checking IDs because they're aware of the social implications. "Straight bars card more," he says. "I used to go to the Clit Club [a classic lesbian 21-and-over party] all the time, until it moved to a straight bar, where I got rejected."

Rowen Filey, a 22 year-old Throb attendee, big ups Lusty Loft in DUMBO. "It's great," she says, "they host mixed parties for everyone, and a lot of younger people go."

But to quote Fun, "Not all gay people just want to party." For those who prefer a mellower dynamic, Bluestockings Bookstore hosts readings, film nights, dyke knitting circles, and most importantly, offers an uncompetitive and instructive place for women of all orientations. And WOW Café throws all-ages parties as well, like queer proms and dyke-oriented performances. "In NYC, kids come out early—I never met so many young queers!" says Carol.

Heavenly dancers before their Chelsea stud makeover
photo: Shulamit
Heavenly dancers before their Chelsea stud makeover

Adds Grover, "Really, all you need in New York City is to make a space your space."

Research: Jessie Nelson

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