A Tale of Two Rudys

'Times' Blind to Ex–Deputy Mayor's Conflict

Memory Whole

Did you know: That a CIA expert wants to send SWAT teams into journalists' homes to prevent government leaks to the press? That on 9-11, the CIA showed a simulation of a plane crashing into a building, as prep for the day such an event might take place? That Saudi Arabians are not allowed to read Rolling Stone on the Web?

Reliable sources for these and other believe-it-or-nots can be found at www.thememoryhole.org, a new Web site launched by author and Voice contributor Russ Kick. Kick calls the site a "repository for important material that's in danger of being actively suppressed or killed through neglect." He took the name from the novel 1984, in which authorities threw undesirable stories down a hole to be burned. These days, Kick says, facts can get buried for many reasons, including litigation and spin. If any stories deserve more publicity, it's the ones that come out of the Memory Hole.


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