The Mayor Wants to Ban Smoking in Bars to Protect Workers Against Second-Hand Smoke. Choked Up?

Age 27
Resides Manhattan
Occupation Record store clerk

What do you think of the mayor's anti-smoking plan? I'm opposed to it. There are singular things about living in New York that have to be protected. Otherwise the city will end up looking like the rest of America. Maybe the mayor could ban smoking on the Upper West Side and allow it on the Lower East Side. Unfortunately, the people who are arguing the case for smoking in bars aren't very articulate.
Did you ever smoke? I smoke now. About two and a half packs a week. I can't smoke at my girlfriend's house because she has a parrot, and my roommate can't take it because of his sinuses. I'm going to be spending a lot more time out on the street.
What vice would you be unable to give up if it became illegal? It would have to be cigarettes. It's my main vice. I keep saying that because I didn't start smoking until my early twenties. I can afford to smoke a little longer, but I'm probably screwed.

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