Howellin' Wolf

'Times' Hounds Bush Over War Plan

Contrary to Krauthammer's suggestion that Kissinger had been "kidnapped," the gravelly voiced diplomat was all over the talk shows last week, declaring his support for a carefully crafted preemptive strike. Kissinger is too wily to suggest Bush and company are rogues with no regard for legal principles. But he obviously thinks Condoleezza Rice can come up with better rhetoric than calling Saddam Hussein an "evil man." "The U.S. saying that it will go to war against every man defined as bad is [no way to] run an international system," he rumbled to Charlie Rose, "particularly when you are the strongest nation in the world."

This week, Raines must have been relieved to see The Washington Post picking up the slack. On August 26, the Post ran a front-pager reporting that White House lawyers have decided they don't need permission from Congress to launch a war on Iraq, though they may ask for it anyway, just to play nice. Deep in the story came this opposition news: "Some leading conservatives" have already rejected the White House's expansive interpretation of the president's war powers.

I'm looking forward to the honest headline that says, "Bush Doctrine Violates Constitutional and International Law."

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