Sasha N. Elliott


I want to thank Patrick Giles for his review of Richard Goldstein's new book, The Attack Queers: Liberal Society and the Gay Right ["The Fight Club," August 14-20]. As an admirer of Goldstein's for years, I was very excited to read the book but was disappointed, without knowing exactly why. Then I read Giles's review. He expressed perfectly my own gut feelings and thoughts about what I disagreed with in Goldstein's approach to the hijacking of our community by right-wing conservatives.

Goldstein is a treasure and a great writer, so I'm hopeful that the critique will inject him with insights as well as resolve to not rush his writing. Giles's review is as much a careful, thoughtful analysis of social and political issues as Goldstein's work has been—and hopefully will be again.

Andrew Currie
Ottawa, Canada

Richard Goldstein replies: I welcome any criticism of my book that stems from a real engagement with its ideas. No one can know the truth; only assert his conviction. Mine is that the gay right poses a threat to the gay movement and to the values that have brought us so far.


Jane Cox, not Beverly Emmons, designed the lighting for Monica Bill Barnes's dance When We Were Pretty, reviewed by Elizabeth Zimmer ["Sacred Spaces," July 30].

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