The Parallax View

However, if we're talking war tactics, it's important to note that Bracken's indictment of the Bushies for mass murder could self-destruct. By fingering Dubya and his corporate flunkies as his enemy, Bracken fails to convert readers who aren't already bad-to-the-bone Bush whackers; ultimately, in an ironic twist, Bracken himself becomes the Conspirator, offering unorthodox sources like the Enquirer to prove his version of history true.

illustration: Paige Imatani


Shadow Government: 9-11 and State Terror
By Len Bracken, with Andrew Smith
Adventures Unlimited Press
274 pp., $16 paper

The problem with conspiracy theories is that most of them are wrong. Still, if the turbulent, age-old story of statesmen conspiring to use terrorism to control their own populations can be believed, as Bracken successfully argues, then Shadow's thesis raises more chilling questions than it answers. Why should 9-11 be anomalous? As Twain once remarked, history never repeats itself—but it does rhyme.

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