Iraq Attack

George W. Bush is Beating the Drums for War Against Iraq. Legit?

What country is America's biggest enemy? I think our biggest enemy is the fact that our policies are determined by special interests. There's no "evil-doer" abroad. It's all a cartoon framed as us versus them, good guys versus bad guys. Everyone says OK. It's all a giant permission slip to do things like back environmental protections and give more money and power to the military.

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Why does Bush want to attack Iraq so badly? I don't know. I feel a little reassured by the debate I've heard from within the administration. Congress is mute, either because they agree with Bush or because September 11th has made them more tolerant of overzealous behavior. Usually they're like a whiny child who won't settle down even after you feed it.

Where is Iraq? In the Middle East.

What country is America's biggest enemy? Nobody's a real threat to the United States. If George W. Bush is president, what does that say about our future? I can't believe he says things like, "we're going to get the evil-doers." I'm originally from the South and I'm used to language like this, but I would never believe that a grown man representing a major country would actually say something like that.

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