Iraq Attack

George W. Bush is Beating the Drums for War Against Iraq. Legit?


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Why does Bush want to attack Iraq so badly?Obviously a lot of it has to do with oil, since the attack on Afghanistan had to do with the pipeline they wanted to run through that country. The only people who are going to benefit from an attack on Iraq are the oil guys and the state of Texas. The only person getting in their way is Saddam Hussein and they want to shut him up. Americans aren't awake enough to notice. I don't think it's complacency, I think it's terror. People feel vulnerable and they want to protect their livelihoods. They're saying, "Go get him, do what you have to do." This kind of thing's supposed to go through Congress, but while Americans were freaking out about 9/11, many laws were changed, giving the government greater power. They're holding people in prison who, a year later, have never seen a lawyer.

Where is Iraq? In the Middle East between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

What country is America's biggest enemy?Besides ourselves? Maybe Saudi Arabia.


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Why does Bush want to attack Iraq so badly? I don't know, I really don't understand this. There must be something financial involved, something to do with money and oil. There's something more than the 9/11 war on terrorism. I don't know if Bush feels he has to fill his dad's shoes and complete the Gulf War. I know there's a lot of money involved. I wonder if it's more than coincidental that the euro has become as powerful as the dollar. Maybe it has to do with devaluing that new currency. Whatever happens, somewhere along the line a bunch of guys are going to be very rich.

Where is Iraq?In the Middle East next to Iran, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

What country is America's biggest enemy?Maybe North Korea. Or Russia. I think that money and greed are the biggest enemies. More than any one country—and of course there are countries that hate us because we are free and well-off. I grew up in New York City and I can't believe how much the city's now about money. Martha Stewart's got her 4000 square foot loft on Perry Street on the market for $14 million. $14 million? And Billy Joel's going to buy his daughter a place for $7 million?


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Why does Bush want to attack Iraq so badly?I don't have an opinion on this.

Where is Iraq?Next to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iran.

What country is America's biggest enemy?We don't really have any great enemies anymore. I think any country that's promoting terrorists is an enemy to the United States. I inherently trust the government to make these kinds of decisions. I'm not 100 % certain that Bush is making decisions correctly.


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Why does Bush want to attack Iraq so badly?I don't know, but it makes me nervous. Every day I feel like we don't know what's going to happen next. I don't want to leave the house as much anymore. If Bush attacks Iraq, I do think it's going to get worse for us here. He should be consulting Congress on this, but he's not following the rules. It's funny that nobody seems to be objecting.

Where is Iraq?In the Middle East.

What country is America's biggest enemy?The U.S. has had a problem with the Middle East for a long time and I actually think that Iraq is this country's greatest enemy. That fact doesn't justify an unprovoked American attack, however.


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Why does Bush want to attack Iraq so badly? I'm not sure. I'm not American, I'm Swiss and the feeling in Europe is very left-wing, very Socialist and nobody really likes George Bush. They would have voted for Gore. I like the fact that there is so much opportunity in the U.S., but the events of 9/11 have made it much harder for foreign students to study here. There's no funding anywhere, more red tape, and the slightest mistake can get you deported.

Where is Iraq?On the Asian continent. Iran and Saudi Arabia are two of its neighbors.

What country is America's biggest enemy?I can't think of anyone. When I think of the U.S., I think of a country that is very corrupt.


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Why does Bush want to attack Iraq so badly?I don't know. It's possible he's excited about it because someone told him to be. It makes me nervous because it's unprovoked and I think it has more to do with mid-term elections than with anything else. Bush looks better when he's dealing internationally than domestically. The press and the public think that during wartime we're supposed to have a Republican in office.

Where is Iraq?Iraq's a figment of our imagination. A bunch of bad guys who make it possible for Americans to get up and go to work in the morning.

What country is America's biggest enemy?I think our biggest enemy is the fact that our policies are determined by special interests. There's no "evil-doer" abroad. It's all a cartoon framed as us versus them, good guys versus bad guys. Everyone says OK. It's all a giant permission slip to do things like back environmental protections and give more money and power to the military.


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Why does Bush want to attack Iraq so badly?I don't know. I feel a little reassured by the debate I've heard from within the administration. Congress is mute, either because they agree with Bush or because September 11th has made them more tolerant of overzealous behavior. Usually they're like a whiny child who won't settle down even after you feed it.

Where is Iraq?In the Middle East.

What country is America's biggest enemy?Nobody's a real threat to the United States. If George W. Bush is president, what does that say about our future? I can't believe he says things like, "we're going to get the evil-doers." I'm originally from the South and I'm used to language like this, but I would never believe that a grown man representing a major country would actually say something like that.

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