Meyers may be the president and executive director of the New York Civil Rights Coalition (NYCRC), but he has never supported progressive black leadership in New York City, and the NYCRC has made little substantial improvement in African American rights. Meyers has not been and never will be a civil rights leader, at least not for our community.

Richard Plaskett
Elmsford, New York

Nat Hentoff replies: For years an assistant director of the NAACP under Roy Wilkins, Mike was the chief affirmative action officer of the ACLU. Nationally, he has persistently worked against segregation in the schools and everywhere else. An exposer of police brutality, Mike convinced even Rudy Giuliani to strengthen the Civilian Complaint Review board. As for Dr. Kenneth Clark, I got to know him well when writing a New Yorker profile of him and then a chapter in my book Living the Bill of Rights. He often told me of his admiration for his protégé, Mike Meyers. Mike, like Dr. Clark, is an independent civil rights and civil liberties leader. Not all civil rights leaders are both. Who appointed Mr. Plaskett to speak for all black Americans?


Alisa Solomon has been awarded the Detention Watch Network (DWN) Local Media Award for her "compelling articles that have highlighted the gross injustices of the 1996 immigration laws." The award will be presented at the annual DWN Conference in Fairfax, Virginia, coordinated by the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service.

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