I Like to Watch

These particular neighbors can close the curtains, but we can still see inside their home. It's a fascinating psychological study to watch how people behave under such strange conditions, what motivates, inspires, and frightens them, and how mundane life can actually be without contact with the outside world. I'm both a voyeur and an exhibitionist, but I am not sure how I'd fare in the zoo myself; I like both forms of entertainment (erotic and otherwise) in small doses and on my terms. If I was in the Big Brother house, I'd feel too much pressure to be on all the time, and I might also go crazy for lack of connection to the real world. Although a sexy, religious, just-waiting-to-be-corrupted virgin in a Speedo (Jason) has great potential for me—a careful seduction, a triumphant deflowering. You know you'd tune in to see it.

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