Lead Poison Legacy?

Councilmember Dilan No Help on 'Lead Belt' Relief

Resolution 101 was introduced by Councilmember Bill Perkins, who was at a closed-door meeting last month with the Black, Hispanic, and Asian Caucus and community groups like Make the Road. Perkins said opponents of the new bill were suggesting poorer areas shouldn't fight for increased "expenses" like 101 if they want continued affordable housing. "In other words, childhood lead poisoning equals affordable housing," says Perkins. "It's somewhat insulting."

The caucus vote was of particular interest to Colón, who organized the protest outside Dilan's office. He saw the meeting as a chance to get Dilan to defend his opposition to 101. The caucus voted 12 to one (with four abstentions) to support it. "Dilan just voted 'present,' " said Colón. "He sat there, and didn't say a thing."

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