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George W. Bush Says the U.S. Will Take On Saddam Hussein With or Without a Security Council Resolution. Bold or Batty?

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Should the U.S. go it alone against Saddam Hussein? I have mixed feelings, because Saddam is crazy. On the other hand, I'm afraid of retaliation if we did go after him. There are so many domestic issues that we should be focused on. Last September 11 killed our economy. We lost whole businesses and neighborhoods. I've restructured my whol life. The fashion industry is only at 60 percent of where it was prior to 9-11. I also think this Iraq issue is designed to distract us from the fact that we failed to recognize pre–9-11 warnings.
Does it bother you that Osama bin Laden's still at large? Yes. With all that military power, you still haven't caught him? Is he that much of a genius? They let his relatives fly out of the country right after the attacks. We made a lot of mistakes and now we're paying for them.
What conflict poses the biggest threat to world peace? The Middle East. We're allies with Israel and we're caught in the middle. September 11 was part retaliation for our loyalty to Israel. I can't see it ending.

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