Darin Strauss


In the article "Strikes and Balls" by Allen Barra [September 11-17], he writes that "the New York Mets, with the same resources as the New York Yankees, have won just a single World Series in four decades." The Mets have actually won two of their four World Series appearances, in 1969 and 1986.

Also, in the Jockbeat column of the same issue, J. Yeh states: "It's hard to care if [Padres owner John] Moores is losing $20 million a year on the Pads, as he glibly claims—his stock proceeds would cover that for the next 24 seasons. (Which may be how long it'll take the club, with one of the league's lowest payrolls, to win the World Series again.)" There should be no "again" in reference to the Padres winning the World Series. They have never won it, and in their two appearances, they have managed to win just a single game, losing in 5 to the Tigers in 1984, and getting swept in 1998 by the Yankees.

Steve Conklin


* In the article "Slam Queen vs. Inaugural Poet" [September 4-10], the name of the poetry organization is the Academy of American Poets, not "the American Academy of Poets." Also, the poet's name is Yusef Komunyakaa, not "Yusef Kumenyaaka."

* The photograph for the article "Restored" by Leslie Camhi [September 4-10] is miscaptioned. The woman in the photo is gallerist Michele Maccarone, not Melissa Bent.

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