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The re-opening Limelight's new name? Escape. That sounds like a swingles package to Cancún. But let's get serious and escape to the headlines via a fashion show-retrospective of the week in news, shall we? First off, Jeb Bush says his daughter Noelle deserves privacy and compassion. Well, I'm sure he'll say the same about any other Floridian caught with drugs in their shoes, right? As for those guys who were busted for allegedly joking about 9-11, they were dumped from the hospital they were going to work at because of security threats from citizens. And we're calling them terrorists? At least give them a gig at View Bar.

Not a 9-11 gag but a promotional tie-in, gay-porn impresario David Forest's recent gimmick may have been a bit less than jolie, but he seems to know it. See, Forest told his subscribers about the Schulmans, "a wonderful Jewish couple that worked in the World Trade Center" and died on 9-11. In honor of the tragedy's anniversary, he touchingly announced that you could attend a year's worth of Meet the Stars—his regular roundup of live porn actors—for just $911 instead of the usual $1500, "and we will donate $11 from each signing done before midnight tonight to the Schulman Memorial Fund." So you could watch big-dicked porn stars and help terrorist victims' children, all at a delightful discount!

This didn't sit well with rival pornmeister Michael Lucas, who declared that Forest was trying "to play on people's heartstrings to collect even more money for his glorified escort service. Not to mention that . . . this couple didn't even exist!" But Forest told me through the trees that the couple was for real; he merely changed their names to protect the family from gay-porn ties. He also said the $11 in the original posting should have read $111 (which is exactly how much was made for the charity—only one person went for the special deal. Don't look at me). Forest insists he meant well, and remembers that on Yom Kippur, all he could think about was "my tasteless 9-11 offer and how I hoped God would forgive me for my disgraceful lack of judgment." Come on, God, sign the deal before midnight and you'll get $11 off.

Eight is not enough: John Cameron Mitchell, John Waters, and director François Ozon (from left) at the 8 Women after-party.
photo: Cary Conover
Eight is not enough: John Cameron Mitchell, John Waters, and director François Ozon (from left) at the 8 Women after-party.

Finally, some contrition of my own: I recently described performer Ethan Carter as a hot drag king, but he's actually a hot transman. Moi bad. One more mistake and we've got a trend.


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