Romeo's Tune

"Obstacle 2" sounds like what I like to call "post-Interpol" music. It's what the singer's album will sound like after Interpol breaks up and he starts a new band called Scotland Yard. All their retro tricks in one track!

"Stella Was a Diver and She Was Always Down" is more Chameleons, and really good Chameleons! (Though, well, it was all good, wasn't it? Jeez, you guys own all the Chame-leons records, don't you? No?? Well, whuddya waiting for? And buy those reissues of the first three records by the Sound while you're at it. And Section 25, too! Although they might be harder to find. I could tape you what I have.)

I think Interpol are my new favorite New York rock underground band. "Roland" is great—it actually deserves the Joy Division comparison. Or hell, even a Bauhaus comparison. How many bands in 2002 are even as good as Bauhaus were? How about: none! Well, there is my beloved Katatonia, whose last three (!) albums were better than any rainydaysandmondaysgetmedownadelica you could mention. (And in fact they're my favorite band, but technically they're metal and not on Thrill Jockey, so you probably haven't heard them because metal is a ghetto and we like it that way so stay the fuck out if you're just gonna gawk, stupid Spin magazine. I'll give you a metal issue—right in your smug snoot!)

Love will tear us apart again, and again, and again.
photo: Michael Edwards
Love will tear us apart again, and again, and again.


Turn on the Bright Lights

Anyway, Interpol are tops! For this week, anyway. And no matter what happens to them in the future, they'll always have "NYC" to hang their skinny ties on. If I like them because they remind me of eating bad bathtub mescaline in the woods and listening to Cure singles, well, that'll do. You might like them for completely different reasons.

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