Yankees Go Home

The Bombers' Current Run Officially Ends

What's George's next move? Since firing Joe Torre would be a public relations disaster—who's he gonna replace him with? Showalter? Bobby Valentine? Rudy Giuliani?—it would seem like Brian Cashman is the designated scapegoat.

Would this be a smart thing? About as smart as doubling down on WorldCom. Patience has been the trademark of the Cashman era. He resisted the temptation to trade Pettitte, Mendoza, Soriano, and Nick Johnson. And the Yankees have never needed his patience and good judgment more than now. Maybe he can swing a deal for Troy Glaus.

So which high-priced talent is likely to end up in the Bronx next year? The free-agent crop is quite thin—maybe plug an Edgardo Alfonzo in at third to replace Robin Ventura. If you remember Tommy John, you shouldn't discount the possibility of Tom Glavine in pinstripes.

The other teams do keep playing even after the Yankees lose, right? Oh, yeah. And what would be sweeter than watching Barry Bonds hit six homers and draw 11 walks in the World Series? Maybe the Minnesota Twins winning it all, and watching Bud Selig hand Ron Gardenhire the trophy.

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