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What looks like political collapse in Buenos Aires or Brazil to some looks like a window of opportunity to Klein. She's captivated by what she calls "a new kind of leader"—people who question the notion of political saviors, like Luis Zamora, a leading candidate for Argentinean president, who's been strongly influenced by the masked Zapatista philosopher Subcomandante Marcos. "Zamora gets swarmed by people saying, 'Save us.' And he tells them, 'I can't save you. Go to your neighborhood assemblies.' His vision for the election is not to run candidates but to run ideas, so they don't elect leaders who are just going to disappoint them again."

Corridors of power: world-changer Naomi Klein
photo: Joshua Farley
Corridors of power: world-changer Naomi Klein


Fences and Windows: Dispatches From the Front Lines of the Globalization Debate
By Naomi Klein
Picador, 256 pp., $13 paper
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When asked during the debate whether the antiglobalist movement has built a power base that's capable of effecting change, she answered that it hasn't yet coalesced in the U.S. But as Klein writes in the introduction to Fences and Windows, "Perhaps its true challenge is not finding a vision but rather resisting the urge to settle on one too quickly."

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