Hell Is a Real Place

Zimbabwe: Anyone in America Give a Damn?

Why, in this country, are there only whispers, if that, from most civil rights activists and organizations, the clergy of all colors that finally awoke to the slavery and mass rapes in Sudan, editorial writers, women's rights groups, and such trombones of the people as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton?

In Congress, Donald Payne of New Jersey is involved, as he has been for many years about slavery in Sudan, but what of his colleagues in the Congressional Black Caucus and the white human rights champions on both sides of the aisle?

For information: Lorna Davidson, Lawyers Committee for Human Rights, 333 Seventh Avenue, 13th floor, New York, NY 10001; 212-845-5251; nyc@lchr.org. We're supposed to be fighting a war on terrorism, right? By the way, Zimbabwe is a proud member of the United Nations Human Rights Commission—along with Syria, Saudi Arabia, Cuba, and Sudan.

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