Through this decision, the conference demonstrated that racism extends into every culture and crosses all racial boundaries. If these topics are too traumatic to discuss in front of nonblacks, a case can be made that there are topics that should not be discussed in the presence of other races, including blacks. I suppose that the next time there is a sensitive issue under debate in Congress our legislators should exclude those by whom they have been traumatized. The membership committee at Augusta National Golf Course should feel vindicated.

Charles R. Dickens
Phoenix, Arizona


J. Hoberman's review of Bowling for Columbine ("They Aim to Please," October 9-15) stated that Charlton Heston suffers from Alzheimer's. On August 9, Heston announced in a magazine interview that according to his physicians, he "may have a neurological disorder whose symptoms are consistent with Alzheimer's disease."

Scotty the Blue Bunny is listed under the heading "Best Rodent to Have at a Party" (Best of NYC, October 2-8). A bunny is not a "rodent" but a lagomorph. The Voice regrets any psychological or emotional distress suffered by members of the lagomorph order due to the error.

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