The Transporter
Directed by Cory Yuen (20th Century Fox)

Master criminals are so busy procuring rocket launchers in The Transporter that it seems they just plum forgot how to drive stick. For this, they hire wheelman Frank Martin (Jason Statham), who never asks for names, ups his prices, or moves his facial muscles. When an irrationally disgruntled employer blows up his favorite getaway car and his house, Frank wreaks vengeance. A veritable frenzy of insert shots (dashboards! driving gloves! steely eyes in the rearview!), The Transporter kills time between car chases and martial-arts bouts with random scuba-diving footage apparently culled from producer–co-writer Luc Besson's The Big Blue. Shrieky heroine Shu Qi's dumb-gaminery exceeds that of Roseanna Arquette's benchmark 1988 performance in the same role. This time, the Besson-waif is gagged, bagged, and repeatedly thrown in a car trunk before (or perhaps until) she gratefully mounts the impassive hero. —J. E.

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