A Letter to Chancellor Joel Klein

What Is 'A Sound Basic Education'?

And the Kentucky Supreme Court (Rose v. Council for Better Education) has told the state's taxpayers that the delegates to the 1891 state constitutional convention intended to ensure that "the boys of the humble mountain home stand equally high with those from the mansions of the city. There are no distinctions in common schools, but all stand upon one level."

The United Federation of Teachers' poster boy
photo: www.state.ny.us/governor
The United Federation of Teachers' poster boy

Chancellor Klein, as you get into this city's schools, you will inescapably have detailed knowledge of the distinctive inequalities in the purported common schools of New York. In subsequent columns, I will have other questions about why more and more children are being left behind. But on this appeal by the Campaign for Fiscal Equity, your voice must be loud and clear enough for the Court of Appeals to hear.

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