On the other hand, Rojas captured the essence of the debate—Hollywood's claims to artistic rights versus the rights of viewers to control how they view films in the privacy of their homes. If you prefer to filter out nudity and graphic language or violence, why does Hollywood have the right to force you to watch that content? Viewing DVD movies with ClearPlay is a choice, just like renting G-rated films is a choice, and Hollywood directors should not be allowed to break the companies who provide it.

Bill Aho, CEO
ClearPlay, Inc.
Salt Lake City, Utah


In the Sound of the City review of Black Dice by Rob Sheffield [October 16-25], the opening acts were misidentified. It should have read: "The show began with DJ Flex Unger playing trumpet and flute solos over old soul records, followed by LCD Soundsystems, which meant DFA's James Murphy, whose spinning began with Taana Gardner's greatest hit and ended with Hawkwind's."

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