The Usual Suspects—and Beyond

100,000 Flood Washington for What May Be the Biggest American Antiwar March Since Viet Nam

New York City activist Leslie Cagan, who was a national student leader of the movement against the Viet Nam War, said that her guess is ANSWER’s load-up-the-buses strategy has just scratched the surface of public dissent. She and Bill Fletcher, the former John Sweeney lieutenant who now heads TransAfrica, convened a meeting the day before the march to take, said Cagan, "the very initial steps toward bringing greater coordination and cohesion to this antiwar movement." Representatives from NOW, the National Council of Churches, Global Exchange, and a who’s who of progressive Beltway advocates were present at the launch of a new national antiwar network. "A broader effort," Cagan called it, "that could finally tap into churches, trade unions, and campuses—where we could really get the numbers."

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