The Heinie Chronicles

What a Raunchy Designer Can Learn From the Sex Museum

Lest you think, Tom, that there's nothing here wild enough for your tastes, check out the dress with the 19-inch waist, a triumph of tight-lacing over anatomy worthy of its own special place in the Kinsey archives. Still, even a fin de siècle courtesan had some advantages compared to those gals you put in your magazine ads. Her waist may have been teeny, but her derriere was allowed to assume humongous dimensions. Next to a gown of stunning hourglass proportions, the show's curators have placed a quote from that adolescent Grove Press classic, My Secret Life, by a Victorian Gentleman: "No man will stay long with a woman whose skinny buttocks he can hold in the palm of one hand." No more skinny buttocks? Now there's a revolutionary notion for your runway, Mr. Ford.

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