Man of Nine Lives

'Times' Photog Is Tagged by Controversy

Keating has an artistic side as well, which he showed off in a portfolio of photographs taken along Route 66 out West and published in the Times magazine in July 2000. In the text, Verlyn Klinkenborg praised his portraits of "prostitutes, topless dancers, missionaries . . . and the dislocated." Keating is said to have been influenced by photographer Robert Frank.

When he is not annoying people by playing the artist, Keating has performed more mundane gigs such as taking shots for the wedding column and for Charlie LeDuff's now defunct bar column. In August 2001, Keating and LeDuff switched roles. Armed with a pen instead of a camera, Keating described a nostalgic drunk at Old Town, then segued into his own dark memories and the confession that "it's been 24 years since my last drink." The difference between real drunks and phonies, he wrote, is that real drunks tell the truth.

So which is it? Does Keating sound like a real photographer or a phony?


Since the New York Times Company owns WQXR FM (96.3), it seems only natural for the radio station to run taped promos for the Sunday newspaper on Saturday night. In one such tape, which aired last Saturday around 9 p.m., Times magazine editor Adam Moss encouraged listeners to pick up the new issue, featuring Frank Rich's cover story on Eminem. In closing, Moss showed what a company man he can be. "For home delivery," he crooned, "call 1-800-NY-TIMES."

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