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In the meantime, I'll stick with losing myself at nightclubs, wonderful nightclubs, as long as I can work around my Cher tickets. The old Tatou has become Vue, which is an all-white space module, a giant clamshell on which to project all sorts of longings and slide projections. At a bash thrown there by Page Six's Chris Wilson, Larry Clark star Tiffany Limos told me she's fed up with the attitude of those Y Tu Mamá También guys. One of them, she said, has been bragging that he's really made it in America because he nailed someone involved in a certain Oscar-winning movie. "Was it Mena?" Limos said to me, incredulously. "Thora? Annette? No! Annette's babysitter!" And probably her mamá también.

Another old club, Limelight, has lost the fat suit, reopening this week with the name Estate. (Their last stab at a name, Republic@Limelight, was canned because, as owner John Blair told me, "The noodle shop gave us problems.") Blair seems thrilled to give up the Limelight reference, because "the only similarity with the old club is the address." The old Limelight, you'll—well, I'll—recall was a manic, colorful whirl of drugs, club kids, invention, and ultimately the after-effects of manslaughter. The new one wants to be so neighborhood-friendly they've even sealed the big stained-glass window behind the stage for noise-proofing.

In a tour of the place last week, creative director David Ashen explained that he and designer Sam O'Donahue "tried to create a clarity between old and new. It's based on five experiences—discovery, escape, seduction, energy, and fantasy." (I never knew those were five different things!) They've studded the place with lots of expressive ideas involving hydraulic lights, fiber optics, and wood paneling, so you can discover your escape in one part, only to seduce the energy of your fantasy in another. The DJ booth—which will be sometimes manned by the likes of Calderone, Tenaglia, and Oakenfold—is practically an apartment. And there are three "floating" VIP rooms jutting over the downstairs dancefloor, each one replete with mirrored windows, a bathroom, and a private butler. That's my fantasy! So take that with you, you bitches.

It's all about DeBarge: Miss Flotilla at home.
Makeup by Bruce Dean/photo by Richard Mitchell
It's all about DeBarge: Miss Flotilla at home.


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