Freedom for Sudan's Slaves?

'Our Work Isn't Done. It's Just Begun.'

The bishop and I spoke after the signing of the Sudan Peace Act. "Up to now," he said, "we in Sudan have been forgotten. At least now something is on paper. But we need more than words. Many agreements have been broken. We must see that the pledges are carried out and that we are no longer treated as property by the Arabs of the north."

And Professor Eric Reeves of Smith College—a major prodder of Bush and Clinton about Sudan—emphasizes: "There is no need to wait to seek a United Nations Security Council resolution to impose an arms embargo on the government of Sudan. . . . Such a resolution should be sought immediately, since we know all too well how the Khartoum regime relentlessly uses oil-funded weapons against civilians in southern Sudan."

Joe Madison: Unremitting prodder of the president
photo: Gunnar Wiebalck
Joe Madison: Unremitting prodder of the president

But don't wait for The New York Times, The Washington Post, or the broadcast and cable television networks to report the need for that Security Council resolution. The call for further action will come, and keep coming, from Joe Madison, Michael Horowitz, Eric Reeves, and other members of the Sudan Coalition—along with Bishop Taban on the front lines.

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