SAGITARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Philosopher William James proposed that if our culture ever hoped to shed the deeply ingrained habit of going to war, we'd have to create a moral equivalent. It's not enough to preach the value of peace, he said. We have to find other ways to channel our aggressive instincts in order to accomplish what war does, like stimulate political unity and civic virtue. Astrology provides a complementary perspective. Each of us has the warrior energy of the planet Mars in our psychological make-up. We can't afford to simply repress it, but must find a positive way to express it. I bring this up, Sagittarius, because it's prime time for you to find your own moral equivalent of war.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): The party's over. Spilled wine is drying on the rug. The cheese dip is rancid. You'd go to bed, but the pleasurable hum in your head turned into a nasty buzz a while back. But wait. What's this? As you grab your toothpaste from the medicine cabinet, you see a piece of folded paper. Opening it up, you find a mysterious invitation. Did someone at the party leave it here? "I didn't have a chance to get you alone at the party," it reads, "but I have important questions to ask you about mutually beneficial matters. Call me soon." A phone number follows. The scenario I've described may not literally occur this week, Capricorn, but it's an apt metaphor.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Most modern intellectuals laugh at the subject of angels, dismissing them as superstitious hallucinations or New Age goofiness. But not all deep thinkers have shared their scorn. Towering authors of old like Milton and Blake regarded angels as worthy of their explorations. Celestial beings have also received serious treatment by authors like Saul Bellow, E.M. Forster, Gabriel García Márquez, Isaac Bashevis Singer, and Leo Tolstoy. Of course, just because smart people have considered the possibility that angels can have real effects on the material world doesn't mean you should. But if you're willing to open your mind, the coming weeks will present you with fascinating evidence.


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PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): Your homework is simple: Track down five fresh experiences that delight and amaze you. I'm not talking about the well-worn standbys you always turn to when you're feeling blah. I don't mean trivial distractions that help numb you to the daily pain. Your mandate is to be inexhaustibly resourceful as you search high and low for revolutionary sources of pleasure. It's a quixotic quest, I admit. You'll have to fight off knee-jerk skepticism, evade habits of mind that attract swampy feelings, and remain undaunted when cynics make fun of you. But if you can pull it off, Pisces, it'll give you a tough new advantage over the uncontrollable moods that sometimes knock you all over the place.

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