In my professional capacity, I hear stories of stop-and-searches (the infamous Operation Condor), harassment, detentions, and trips to precincts during which young people are never told of their rights and are treated disgracefully. In my past exposure to such noble groups as the National Congress for Puerto Rican Rights, I have felt the pain of families who have lost loved ones due to police misconduct.

I am relieved to see the Voice shed light on such incidents. I only hope that true justice is done, not only for these two counselors in Brooklyn, but for the families of those young men and women previously brutalized by some in the NYPD.

Juan Antonio Ocasio


The photograph that appeared on pages 34 and 35 (accompanying "The Safety Dance," Tricia Romano's cover story on the city's ongoing cabaret-law restrictions) in the November 27-December 3 issue should have been credited to Staci Schwartz.

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