Hydrino Theorist Gets Nod From NASA-Funded Investigation

Outsiders, even sympathetic ones, complain that the company has shifted its proving grounds from heat measurements to electricity from plasmas, to materials and now a dense liquid hydrogen. Mills describes the seemingly meandering work as a "whole laundry list of stuff, questions to answer as milestones to reach before commercialization. We've basically rammed things down over the past year and a half. We've gone through about 150 catalysts and 50 variant cells."

Investors have been patient. Having garnered about $30 million from prominent backers since the founding of his company, Mills says he's close to wrapping up the fundraising phase . "We're almost completely done with the core science. We're getting to the point where we're not going to need a lot of money,” he explains. “Our focus is on scaling up for commercial applications." One likely early product is a simple space heater, he says. If true, that would finally put the revolution squarely in the corner of the room.

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