People realize buying is the way to go in terms of lowering your monthly cost for housing and getting a better quality of space. The problem is that many of us cannot afford the down payment and are stuck in a cycle of having to pay high rent, thus lowering our ability to save for a down payment.

I'd like to see the Shelter column profile more people who are sharing a one-bedroom with three other people in Washington Heights for $1550 a month, or someone who is living in a $1200 studio on the Upper West Side and brings home $2220 a month. Instead of asking questions about furniture, ask questions such as "How do you manage to afford food with that kind of rent?"

We're not fools, Mr. Vesselinovitch. We're lacking down payments.

Tom McDonald
Windsor Terrace


Due to a design error, the letters fl were omitted from some of the words in "Don't Say 'Pitch'!" ["The Heart of the Meta," December 4-10]. The words affected were conflicts, flower, and flesh. For the full text, see the story online.

The photograph on last week's Choices cover should have been credited to Paula Court.

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