Road Scholar

London yields: Iain Sinclair's epic perambulation
photo: Miriam Berkley
London yields: Iain Sinclair's epic perambulation


London Orbital
By Iain Sinclair
Granta, 482 pp., $27.95
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A cautionary, cash-hemorrhaging blemish on London's horizon, the Dome may also provide an unwitting argument for precisely the kind of sprawling, revelatory odysseys that Sinclair makes his trademark. "There are acres of images of what the Dome should look like—beautiful blue river, trees all around," he says. "It's easy to fall into that mindset, where you just look at the projection, the supposed future, and it has nothing to do with any experience you've had. Why move around your landscape when you can look at it on a screen? People don't look at their surroundings anymore—rather, they drive to them in a car."

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