Cream on Me

During my in-home laboratory trials, I kept wondering what all good neophyte scientists do: What about the placebo effect? O's instructions state that "sensual stimulation is required" for the product to work. In fact, each set of directions clearly stated that you were supposed to massage, touch, and rub the "area" in order to encourage absorption and speed the effects, so I couldn't tell if it was the stuff working or all the massaging that turned me into a little horndog. This me leads to another query: Does knowing that I am rubbing some magic cream on my puff lead to more intense arousal, hotter sex, a better cum? A patient, persistent lover, a vibrator with fresh batteries, a hot porn movie, and an excellent rug-munching technique can send the blood rushing to all the right places. Maybe not as quickly as menthol-laced creams, and not with the accompanying warm tingle, but nonetheless it gets the parts wet, swollen, erect, and hot to trot. I shall continue to experiment in the name of science!

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