Re Tricia Romano's "The Safety Dance" [November 27-December 3] and "Hip-Hop Hooray" [Fly Life, October 30-November 5]:

I distrust anything and everything that comes out of the New York Nightlife Association (NYNA). Why is NYNA swarming community boards with its expertly packaged horror scenario of neighborhood streets teeming with smokers taking a break outside clubs, when it's clear from every reputable study (and by a decades-long history of smoking bans in many venues) that the only business hurt by such bans is the tobacco industry?

It takes a lot of money and willpower to purposefully ignore (or refuse to commission) real studies, and instead to commission one of these "opinion" surveys so favored by the tobacco industry. Such surveys have been thoroughly debunked by, among others, Consumer Reports.

This kind of full-court press by an ostensibly non-tobacco organization armed with a bogus survey is a tactic that fits right in with the tobacco industry's history of using front groups to promote its agenda. As a result, I wouldn't trust NYNA on any issue now.

Gene Borio
West Village

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