• Most Controversial Book: The right wing had a field day attacking author Judith Levine for her groundbreaking work, Harmful to Minors: The Perils of Protecting Children From Sex, calling it an endorsement for pedophilia. Levine argued that kids need more information and education about sexuality and that all manifestations of childhood sexuality should not be seen as dangerous or disturbing.
  • Bonehead Award: Chicago Tribune veteran columnist Bob Greene resigned after revelations that he had once had sex with a teenage girl whom he met while reporting a story.
  • Burned Bone Award: A 50-year-old scientist in England scorched his penis badly enough to warrant medical treatment after placing his laptop on his, um, lap. He claimed he was fully dressed at the time.
  • Reverse Cowgirl Award (for Crossing Over From Hollywood Into Porn Instead of the Other Way Around): Oscar-nominated John Cameron Mitchell announced that his next movie, The Sex Film Project (www.thesexfilmproject.com), would seek answers to the question "Why can't there be a movie that tells a strong story, is full of humor and pathos, is packed with powerful performances, and features a lot of explicit sex—hard-ons, cum, and all?" That's right, folks, Hedwig's making a flick with hardcore sex! Excuse me now while I revise my acting résumé.

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