"The U.S. has lost credibility in South Korea because it attacks its problems from the level of policy instead of emotion," Ball continued. "American officials, from the ambassador to the president, apologized for the deaths of the two South Korean girls. Ordinary South Koreans are not interested in legalistic statements; they want the U.S. to 'feel their pain.' " Bush promised them a humble foreign policy, Ball wrote, but instead they've got "a U.S. president who sees South Korea as a relatively unimportant pawn on a global chessboard."

UN Prepares to Feed Iraqi Masses
Table for 900,000

While the media cheerily scoffs at the idea that a war in Iraq would hurt civilians, the United Nations has quietly begun assembling food supplies for nearly a million people. In a confidential planning paper obtained by the London Times, the UN foresees the halting of Iraq's oil production, serious disruption of its electricity system, and collateral damage to water and sewage infrastructure. Bridges would be blown up, snarling road traffic and severing rail routes. The key port of Umm Qasr would be shut down. Government stockpiles of commodities such as wheat would be blown up. The UN thinks 100,000 refugees would need immediate assistance. At a meeting in Geneva last month, officials asked donor nations for $37 million.

Already, the UN agencies are moving supplies into place. The Rome-based World Food Program will have enough food for 900,000 people for four weeks. The UN refugee program has supplies for 250,000, but only enough tents and blankets for 100,000. The UN Children's Fund, with a warehouse in Denmark, is moving supplies for 550,000 to Iraq and neighboring countries.

Food for Thought

"Jesus Christ said suffer the little ones to come unto me, not that they should be eaten for public entertainment."

—Tory MP Ann Widdecombe to The Guardian, on learning of Chinese artist Zhu Yu's plan to eat an infant on British TV

Additional reporting: Rebecca Winsor

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