An atom in plasma will be smaller, because (in the case of hydrogen) it's just the nucleus. The various people in the article, when quoted, don't remark in any direct way about what's revolutionary, or even very different, about the hydrino theory, which makes me wonder what scientists really think of it. I finished the article knowing nothing more than when I started.

Bradley D. Tice
Orange, Connecticut

Erik Baard replies: The article never states that plasmas are novel, but rather that some regard the plasmas produced by BlackLight Power Inc. to be "unusually energetic" considering the power input used to generate them. I've written about the company's technological claims in some depth elsewhere, but the Voice isn't a science publication, and this article emphasized the continuing saga of Randell Mills. To serve readers who seek a greater depth of understanding, we hyperlinked primary source materials throughout the article, which was published exclusively online. I'm surprised Mr. Tice apparently didn't click those links.

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